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Tarifa, the southernmost point of the mainland Europe, is beautifully situated on the Costa de la Luz and at the Strait of Gibraltar. Nowhere else Africa and Europe are so close to each other. Through the meeting of the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean a unique and spectacular ecosystem has developed.

The city itself, with many typical Andalusian tapas bars and small, narrow winding streets, offers everything you could wish for. Whether you want to do a city stroll, do some shopping or go for a coffee. Or you can spend a day on the beach or have an exciting sports program.

Due to the location of  the Strait of Gibraltar, Tarifa was the scene for several historical events. Archeologists suspect on the basis of their findings, that the area around Tarifa and Cádiz was already populated by Phoenicians in the beginning of the 1st Millennium. Westward from Tarifa (approximately 15 km) is the excavation Baleo Claudia, one of the best preserved Roman town in Spain. The castle between the port and the city was built by Muslim rulers and served, among other things, to control the Strait of Gibraltar, which at that time was ravaged by pirates. The "protection money" that was collected here led to the notion Tarifa (Spanish for tarif). The old town of Tarifa, with its narrow, winding streets and white painted houses goes back to the times of Moorish Spain and Al-Andalus.

Since the beginning of the 80's, tourism has been kept growing and is still the most important economic sector of Tarifa.